Editorial Board


NatSCA's mission is to promote and support natural science collections, the institutions that house them and the people that work with them, to improve collections care, understanding, accessibility, and enjoyment for all. The Journal of Natural Science Collections is a key part of that mission. The Journal is peer reviewed, and is focused on promoting good practice in the care and use of natural science collections, sharing knowledge and experience, promoting and advocating for collections.

The Editorial Board aims to speed up the peer review process, and to ensure that it is robust and fair.


The primary functions of the Editorial Board are:

  • To assess the quality of submitted manuscripts prior to peer review
  • To suggest appropriate reviewers for manuscripts
  • To review papers within their area of expertise
  • To arbitrate in any disputes, complaints, and appeals that may arise
  • To advise on the future direction of the Journal, its policy and scope.

Editorial Board members