• So...You Want to Move Your Collections?
    Allum, H., Carnall, M.

    The onus of moving collections, on any scale, can be a daunting task. There are many documented case studies, as well as disaster ridden anecdotes, in the museums sector. These can be useful when considering what is needed for your specific needs but as yet there is not a resource, or toolkit, that can be called upon as a template for natural history collections moves.

    We aim to provide a poster detailing the recent move of mixed collections at OUMNH between offsite stores and the considerations required during the planning stage. Secondly, and more critically, we aim to gather information from conference attendees about what would make a useful toolkit for other museums at the stage when they have been asked to move their collections. This information would then hopefully feed into a publication to be disseminated via the NatSCA journal.

    Keywords: collections management, storage, moving collections