• Creating beautiful herbarium specimens that are also fit for purpose
    Phillips, B., Harris, S.

    At the Royal Horticultural Society’s Herbarium (WSY) collections are incorporated from a number of sources, but most of the new additions come from the Trials Section and new accessions at the RHS garden, Wisley. Unlike field collections which are often made in bulk and haste, the accumulation is a careful, methodical process and includes the use of the RHS Colour Chart. This poster outlines refinements and innovations to the process, from collection to mounted specimen, which enhance the end product. The poster shows the use of an equipment drier (unmodified) which enables rapid drying and allows dampened blotting paper and foam in the method. Tension rods used in the pressing also help to produce a more evenly pressed plant. The poster outlines the method and material used to mount specimens rendering the product of true archival quality, a resource to last for future generations.

    Keywords: conservation, herbarium, RHS Colour chart