David Gelsthorpe

David Gelsthorpe
David Gelsthorpe

Curator of Earth Science Collections, The Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester

David Gelsthorpe
Curator of Earth Science Collections
The Manchester Museum
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL

E-mail: david.gelsthorpe@manchester.ac.uk, bursaries@natsca.org
Tel: 0161 3061601
Fax: 0161 2752676

I manage the distribution of the Bill Pettit Memorial Grant. Once a year NatSCA opens up applications for the grant to support a collections related project. I receive the applications and work with the committee on supporting the best project.

I am the curator of Natural History at The Manchester Museum. Here I work with curating and researching the geology and biology collections. My specialism is palaeontology and historical geology, but enjoy all aspects of the geology collection at Manchester.