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  • How to change vergency by urging divergency to inspire urgency in a climate emergency: A reflective account of using museum engagement and natural science collections to raise awareness of the biodiversity crisis and climate change
    Batchelor, W.
    Journal of Natural Science Collections, Volume 12, pages 57 - 65

    Over the last two years, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery’s Natural Science collections have undergone a large amount of cataloguing, in-house conservation, repacking, and relocation, allowing museum staff to use specimens to engage a diverse range of people, including professionals, young adults, and primary school children in a wave of projects, gallery updates and exhibitions. By combining museum learning and expertise, we explored new ways to work collaboratively with different audiences, using the collection to inspire visitors to learn about the biodiversity crisis and climate change on a local and international level and feel confident to make an impact in their own lives. This paper provides a reflection of our practise through case studies, successes, and learnings, and considers how museums can act as a platform to inspire a desire to change the world.

    Keywords: Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, climate change, biodiversity loss, engagement, natural history collections