Journal Article

  • Anthrenus flavipes LeConte, 1854 (Coleoptera; Dermestidae); a destructive pest of natural history specimens
    Holloway, G. J., Bakaloudis, D.
    Journal of Natural Science Collections, Volume 8, pages 39 - 43

    An important component of integrated pest management is vigilance. There is always the scope for pest species from other parts of the world to become established outside of their natural range. Here we report on a damaging infestation of natural history specimens by the Dermestid beetle Anthrenus flavipes LeConte 1854. The beetles caused considerable damage to caprid horn in the collection of stuffed vertebrate specimens held in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Identification features of A. flavipes are described and comparisons with other pest Anthrenus species made.

    Keywords: Anthrenus, verbasci, sarnicus, fuscus, museorum, IPM, pest management, carpet beetle, taxidermy, horn