Journal Article

  • Anthrenus species (Coleoptera; Dermestidae) found in UK museums with special reference to A. museorum Linnaeus, 1761, the museum beetle
    Holloway, G. J., Pinniger, D. B.
    Journal of Natural Science Collections, Volume 7, pages 69 - 71

    An important component of integrated pest management in natural history museums is the identification of pest insects. A small number of Anthrenus spp. can be encountered including A. verbasci, varied carpet beetle, and A. sarnicus, Guernsey carpet beetle. A species that would reasonably be expected to be found in natural history museums is A. museorum, museum beetle. However, the museum beetle is rarely, if ever, found indoors. A possible reason for this is provided. Identification of four Anthrenus spp. is considered including potential sources of confusion and levels of variation that need to be taken into account.

    Keywords: Anthrenus, Anthrenus museorum, Anthrenus verbasci, Anthrenus sarnicus, IPM, pest management, carpet beetle