Journal Article

  • An overview of the Mammal Collection of Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
    Cervantes, F.A., Vargas-Cuenca, J., Hortelano-Moncada, Y.
    Journal of Natural Science Collections, Volume 4, pages 4 - 11

    Colección Nacional de Mamíferos (CNMA) is an important Mexican mammalian collection that meets international standards of curatorial procedures and follows domestic and international regulations. It holds the largest number of museum mammalian specimens from México of any Mexican biological collection, and keeps representatives of nearly 90% of Mexican taxa. Skins, skulls, skeletons, fluid-preserved specimens, and frozen tissues are the main preservation types. Most taxonomic representatives are small mammals such as mice, bats, shrews, and lagomorphs from almost every major political division of México, and ecosystems of temperate and tropical affinity. CNMA holdings contain important voucher specimens such as extinct taxa, endemic species, and unique specimens. Taxonomicand geographic data for most specimens are available online and also in digital file format including images. CNMA specimens actively contribute to environmental education and teaching through routine activities of its faculty, staff, and students. CNMA is successfully contributing to the inventory of mammals from México.

    Keywords: Curation; CNMA; UNAM; Colección Nacional de Mamíferos; Mexico; biodiversity