Journal Article

  • Conservation of James Sowerby's Fungi Models
    Bernucci, A., Allington-Jones, L.
    Journal of Natural Science Collections, Volume 2, pages 35 - 40

    The Natural History Museum, London (NHM) holds 29 models of fungi created between 1796 and 1815 by the naturalist and illustrator James Sowerby. These models are interesting composites of painted unbaked clay, wood, metal and dried plant matter. This article outlines the techniques and materials used to clean, stabilise and re-house these model fungi. Remedial treatments were kept to a minimum but aimed to improve stability. They include the use of Lascaux for adhesion and consolidation, and the use of Groom/StickĀ® and smoke sponge for dry cleaning. The models were finally stored in bespoke acid-free cardboard boxes with inert foam inserts.

    Keywords: James Sowerby; Models; Fungi; Remedial conservation