• Something Fishy: The Leedsichthys Project
    Wass, G.

    The Leedsichthys project was a MA Esmee Fairburn grant funded project centred around a Leedsichthys specimen in Peterborough Museum. The specimen was excavated from the local brick pits in 2002 and is the most complete specimen of this giant Jurassic fish ever found. The project used this internationally important research specimen to deliver scientific outcomes in addition to a wide programme of public activity bringing together all teams across the heritage service including a website, half term events, innovative marketing strategies, and even publishing a children’s book! The project was unique for Peterborough museum in the way that the project was delivered bringing in an expert to work with staff pulled together from all sectors of the service to engage and enthuse about this uniquely important specimen. The project pulled together the often opposing areas of scientific research and public engagement. The success of the project demonstrated that putting the collection and research back at the core of the offer can still deliver an exciting and successful public engagement offer, smashing visitor targets.

    Keywords: Leedsichthys, outreach, exhibition