Journal Article

  • Undertaking an Effective Review of Natural History Collections
    Jan Freedman
    NatSCA News, Issue 23, pages 25 - 42

    Understanding what museums have in their collections is vital to ensure that collections are used, researched and engaged with to their fullest potential. This paper outlines a detailed review of a large spirit collection at Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery (PCMAG), with funding from the Museums Association Effective Collections programme. Different review methods are discussed including reviews that can be adapted for specific projects. PCMAG’s review is discussed in detail with examples and a stage by stage process. The review resulted in the discovery of two type specimens, two co-types and several scientifically and historically important specimens. 1241 specimens have been highlighted for transfer to other museums. Transferring the specimens has enabled the curatorial staff to focus on conservation and research for the specimens retained at PCMAG.