Journal Article

  • Fossil hunting and grinding in the Coal Measures: William Cash (1843-1914), his associates, and their work on the fossil plants of the Carboniferous period
    Baker, R. A., Gill, D. S.
    Journal of Natural Science Collections, Volume 5, pages 89 - 97

    William Cash (1843 – 1914) was an important amateur palaeobotanist based in Halifax, Yorkshire, but with connections at Owens College, Manchester. He worked with both the important amateur and professional palaeobotanists of the day, including Professor W. C. Williamson at Manchester. His important collection of over 700 microscope slides is at Manchester Museum. These slides have been scanned and catalogued, and include specimens mounted by associated workers of the time. Other museums in Britain have related material.

    Keywords: William Cash, William C. Williamson, Thomas Hick, plant fossils, microscopy, slide preparation, slide collection, Manchester