Journal Article

  • Can natural science collections support a connection to nature for young children and families?
    Bates, E., Narkiss, I.
    NatSCA Notes & Comments, Issue 11, pages 1 - 6

    This case study documents a range of responses to objects in the natural history galleries visited by young children and adults at Manchester Museum. Results suggest that museum objects can support a connection to nature, which can lead to environmentally friendly behaviours in adulthood. Parental interaction with children is identified as a key characteristic of supporting a connection to nature.

    With this in mind, the Nature Discovery gallery was developed at Manchester Museum, along with a handling table, for the under-fives and their families. The practicalities of setting up the handling table and an assessment of the first year of its operation is also discussed.

    Keywords: Connection to nature; museums; handling table; children; families