Journal Article

  • Really, the RHS has an herbarium?
    Harvey, Y., Phillips, B., Harris, S., O’Beirne, L., Kapetanakis, P.
    NatSCA Notes & Comments, Issue 9, pages 1 - 4

    Previously thought of as the preserve of research scientists, natural science collections can make a real contribution to resolving many of society’s current challenges, including environmental conservation, climate change, improving livelihoods, health and wellbeing.

    Regrettably, we are living in an age where the teaching of taxonomy is becoming rarer in school and university curricula. Specimen-rich collection curators are relishing the opportunity to reach new audiences and explain the relevance of their collections in addressing the many societal issues encountered at present.

    Using a series of events conducted at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) throughout 2015 and early 2016, examples will be shown of inspiring visitors of all ages, from changing behaviours to just enjoying the dried ornamental plant collection for its own sake.

    Keywords: RHS; Wisley; herbarium; engagement; audiences