Journal Article

  • Museum in a House: Collections out of context
    Gallichan, J., Townsend, A.
    NatSCA Notes & Comments, Issue 8, pages 1 - 6

    In October 2015, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales created a ‘museum’ in a house as part of a collaborative project for the Cardiff-based art festival, ‘Made in Roath’, an artist-led, free event which aims to take art out of the gallery and into the wider community. The brief was simple: to have fun with museum specimens, in order to enthuse, excite, inspire, and educate our visitors. By placing extraordinary museum objects in a family home alongside ordinary household objects, we hoped to create a real sense of surprise. We wanted to reinforce that museums could be friendly, relaxed spaces that allow everyone to indulge a spirit of discovery and fascination with the world around them. The project highlighted the benefits of working non-hierarchally without a set agenda, and how approaching a subject from a completely different perspective can energise a project and generate innovative ideas. Finally, it demonstrated the great value of working as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

    Keywords: Made in Roath; collaboration; context; art festival