Journal Article

  • Stabilisation and conservation of the Wallich Correspondence held at Central National Herbarium (CAL), Botanical Survey of India (BSI), Howrah, India
    Om Prakash, Ranee , Singh, Paramjit
    NatSCA Notes & Comments, Issue 3, pages 1 - 5

    The Wallich Catalogues are also known as the ‘Numerical list of dried specimens of plants in the Museum of the Honourable East India Company (EIC)’. The collection was supplied by Dr. Wallich, Superintendent of the Botanic Garden at Calcutta. The collection holds 33 vol-umes, including one fern manuscript, one brittle book of Wallich’s Tentamen Flora Nepa-lensis Illustratae and three-volumes of Wallich’s Plantae Asiaticae Rariores. The collection was in a poor condition. This is an overview of how the collection has been stabilised and conserved for long term preservation.