Natural History Near You: Putting natural history collections on the map with #NHNearYou

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Today we are officially launching our crowdsourcing project, Natural History Near You (#NHNearYou), to find every natural history collection in the UK & Ireland and discover what they hold and what state they're in. Every collection, no matter how small, can provide the specimens needed to answer important or interesting questions. We want to help researchers of all kinds find collections that they might be able to use to bring the collections and their hidden stories to life and we need your help to find out about natural history collections in the UK & Ireland.

As part of the launch, the #NHNearYou is tomorrow's Culture Themes hashtag (details here). Please help us get the word out!

This is a crowdsourcing project and we need your help to put collections on the map, both by adding to and improving our data and by helping us spread the word. We would greatly appreciate if you could help us get the word out: whether you forward the flyer below, tweet, blog, include a note in your newsletter, or just mention #NHNearYou in the tea room!

Find out more about this project, see what collections are already on the map, and to add more information please visit