Bill Pettit Memorial Award

Bill Pettit Memorial Award

The Bill Pettit Memorial Award is available to NatSCA members and supports conservation, access and use of natural science collections.

Charles Arthur William ‘Bill’ Pettit (1937-2009) started his career with the National Institute of Oceanography but moved to the Manchester Museum in 1975 to become Assistant Keeper of Zoology. In his time at Manchester, Bill worked tirelessly for the collections and was instrumental in projects such as FENSCORE as well as numerous publications. It is in recognition of his commitment to natural science collections that we would like to offer this award.

Projects are assessed against NatSCA’s mission and are scored against: conservation of collections, collections access, collections use and timescales and costs. We look for innovative projects that can be delivered on time and budget, leaving a tangible legacy. Each project will be considered on its own merits by the NatSCA committee.

Grants are awarded most years and funding available depends on the charity’s reserves for that year.

Projects previously supported:

Bateman Ichthyosaur Conservation (Awarded £2510)
Beavering Away (Awarded £2000)
Morris Young Beetle Collection (Awarded £1165)

The Last Passenger: Conservation of the SS Great Britain Cormorant Skeleton (Awarded £1424)
Curating, Digitising and Displaying a Unique Historic Odontological Collection (Awarded £2100)

University of Liverpool Zoology Redisplay Project (Awarded £1840)
Leo Conservation Project (Awarded £1105)

A Virtual Flora of Tullie: “Sowing the Seeds” to Digitise a Nationally Significant Herbarium (Awarded £1200)
Taking wing: Curation of a Venezuelan Hawkmoth collection (Awarded £805)

Uniting and rationalising catalogues of different collections in a Life Sciences (Awarded £750)
Nature Notes – increasing access to local wildlife (Awarded £750)

Saving the World’s Rarest Skeleton (Awarded £750)
Cataloguing of three large collections of deep-sea samples held in the Discovery Collections (Awarded £750)

The Margaret Gatty algal herbarium in the St Andrews Herbarium (Awarded £1848)
Victorian Taxidermy conservation project, Ipswich Museums (Awarded £784)