Patti Wood Finkle

Patti Wood Finkle

Collections Manager
Earth and Minerals Sciences Museum & Art Gallery
Penn State University

Patti Wood Finkle is the Collections Manager at the Earth and Mineral Sciences Museum & Art Gallery at the Pennsylvania State University. Previously, she was the Director of Museums at Casper College where she oversaw the Tate Geological Museum and the Werner Wildlife Museum. A graduate from Texas Tech University with a master's degree in Museum Science, her initial focus was on exhibits and collections. More recently, she has become a strong proponent of utilizing campus museums in college curriculum. An important topic in recent years, Finkle has increased efforts to engage with her college communities to demonstrate museum relevancy to the 21st century student. She is also a co-founder and host of The M Files Podcast, which began as a way to bridge the gap between museum professionals and their peers during the pandemic.