Rachel Jennings

Rachel Jennings
Rachel Jennings

Project Curator (Natural History), Powell-Cotton Museum

Powell-Cotton Museum
Quex Park
Email: editor@natsca.org

I am the NatSCA Editor. I am responsible for managing the Journal of Natural Science Collections and NatSCA Notes & Comments. With the help of the Editorial Board and volunteers, I receive articles, liaise with peer reviewers, and format the Journal and Notes & Comments prior to publication.

I studied Zoology and Palaeobiology, and now work as a Project Curator responsible for the Natural History collections at the Powell-Cotton Museum in Thanet, Kent. My role involves managing, cataloguing, and digitising collections. My primary area of expertise is museum documentation. I also have an interest in worked animal materials, particularly ivories and bone. I am a keen birder, and a member of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO).